1 Bedroom479 SQFT | Starting at $235,000

The first floor plan offers a 1 bedroom, 1 bath option. A well-functioning unit at 479 sq ft. Enjoy this cozy space, with a laundry room and private patio. There are 8 of these units in this building.

1 Bedroom + Den670 SQFT | Starting at $280,000

The second floor plan offers a 1 bedroom + den with 1 bath at 670 sq ft. Equipped with a generous master room and a spacious, open concept living area. Enjoy your flex room, as well as additional storage. There are 28 of these units in this building.

2 Bedroom994 SQFT | Starting at $340,000

Meet our last, and largest floor plan, 2 bedroom and 2 baths. Offering wonderful fluidity, this unit is 994 sq. ft. Enjoy the walk in closet from the master bedroom and the private ensuite. This unit also has a larger patio and a separate laundry room with additional storage space. There are 24 of these units in this building.

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